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CAT Tall Boots Brown [Timberland Boots UK-107] - $140.00 : Timberland outlet,

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timberland shoes
blue timberland boots
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CAT Tall Boots Brown [Timberland Boots UK-107] - $140.00 : Timberland outlet,

CAT Tall Boots Brown

CAT Tall Boots Brown

$176.00  $140.00
Save: 20% off

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Known and respected as one of the biggest manufacturers of heavy equipment,CAT Shoes also produces everything from footwear and apparel to eyewear and safety products. Wolverine World Wide which was founded in 1833 is the licensee for CAT footwear since 1994. Starting from basic work boots, they now produce a wide range of industrial and industrial fashion footwear. With Caterpillar Incorporation's industrial and rigorous work being done on the jobsite, CAT created their footwear strong and powerful to suit the job. Featuring steel toes, these shoes are safe and sturdy. The CAT Tall Boots Brown have been around for ages. These shoes have a traditional workbook style, yet appeals to the modern urban crowd. Realizing the success of these heritage shoes, unique colors have been created and offered to its customers. The Urban collection maintains the rugged look of CAT shoes, however adds modern details such as bright color pops, molded reinforcements and the latest tech-inspired designs. Tough and stylish, the CAT Urban collection fits well with the youth. CAT's latest collection is TOX. With a combination of style, fun, and comfort, the TOX collection is fashion forward providing the youth with another casual classic. Users can select from Work, iTechnology, Urban and Casual styles which are available for both men and women.


  • Model: Timberland Boots UK-107

timberland shoes

blue timberland boots

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